To express the quality of our ultra-soft water


Water quality is considered one of the most important factors in sake brewing. At our brewery, we pump up superb subterranean water from an aquifer related to the Norogawa river.
Hiroshima Prefecture is a region rich in soft water with a low mineral content. Soft water has the effect of drawing out umami flavour. Even within this soft water region, our brewing water is one of the one or two softest of all, drawing out the umami flavour from the rice to give fine aromatic sake.

Perpetuating the “Soft Water Brewing Method”
which is traditional to Hiroshima sake brewers


Brewing with the soft water of Hiroshima used to be considered exceptionally difficult. This is because the low mineral content of soft water means it is lacking in the nutrients necessary for yeast growth. Hiroshima brewers overcame this problem with their “Soft Water Brewing Method”, making the area one of the great sake producing regions.
At the Morikawa Brewery, in order to express the quality of our ultra-soft water to the full, our brewing is carried out painstakingly by the “Soft Water Brewing Method” traditional to the Hiroshima brewer’s guild.

Our Master Brewer


This role is filled by Morikawa Motoharu, the younger brother of the 7th generation Kuramoto (brewery owner). Our TŌJI Motoharu brews with ultra-soft water, carrying on the tradition of Hiroshima soft-water brewing, and has created numerous classic sakes.

[ TŌJI ‘s comment ]
“Sake you don’t get tired of, sake you can keep on drinking”; “sake you find yourself enjoying another glass of without thinking”; “sake with a power inside its softness”; these are what we aim for in our quest for an ever more perfect expression of HAKUKŌ sake.