Kumu hodo ni aji mo kaori mo fukaki sake

We aim to make unassuming sake that unobtrusively creates a mellow mood for the drinker as it is enjoyed with food. Without being too showy, and with its crisp finish, it lends itself to drinking cup after cup, each sip more satisfying than the last. The star of the show may be the food or the customer; our sake is there to play the supporting role.
The words above have been passed down since our brewery’s foundation and embody our philosophy of making sake for food.

The “Soft Water Brewing Method”
traditional to the Hiroshima brewer’s guild.

Brewing with the soft water of Hiroshima used to be considered exceptionally difficult. This is because the low mineral content of soft water means it is lacking in the nutrients necessary for yeast growth.
Hiroshima brewers overcame this problem with their “Soft Water Brewing Method”, making the area one of the great sake producing regions.

Brewed with all the strength

This highest-quality daiginjo sake is collected drop by drop by the time-consuming shizuku method in which the fermenting mash is strung up and suspended in cloth bags. Distinguished by gorgeous aromatics and a soft, silken texture.

Clean and deep flavor

Shows light melon-like aromatics, with light rice-based umami on the palate. Goes down crisply, with a light, dry-tasting finish. Particularly good with seafood.