Kumu hodo ni aji mo kaori mo fukaki sake

We aim to make unassuming sake that unobtrusively creates a mellow mood for the drinker as it is enjoyed with food. Without being too showy, and with its crisp finish, it lends itself to drinking cup after cup, each sip more satisfying than the last. The star of the show may be the food or the customer; our sake is there to play the supporting role. The words above have been passed down since our brewery’s foundation and embody our philosophy of making sake for food.

The History of Morikawa Sake Brewery

Poster from the time of our foundation in 1887.

The brewery was founded in 1887, when its brand name was Morizuru. This was later changed to the current brand nameHakuko. We also have the brand Kamotsukasa, which we also exported to Taiwan until before World War II.
Just after the end of the war in September 1945, the Norogawa River which flows alongside the brewery broke its banks during a typhoon. Seven brewery buildings were washed away, including the original brewery building from the company’s foundation, and the owner’s residence. Historical documents relating to the foundation of the brewery and its current brand name were also lost in the floods, meaning details of their origins are now a mystery.
Counting from the Morikawa family brewery’s founder, Tatsuzō, the current owner Tomonori is the 7th generation. The actual brewing is directed by the tōji (master brewer), who is the owner’s younger brother Motoharu.
Although ours is a small concern, we have brewed continuously since our foundation 130 years ago, perpetuating the “Soft Water Brewing Method” which is traditional to Hiroshima sake brewers.

The only photograph surviving of our brewery at its foundation. The brand name on the casks is Kamotsukasa, notHakuko.

After carrying out brewing in the Yasuura area since foundation in 1887, seven buildings including the original brewery structure and the owner’s residence were washed away in the typhoon of September 1945. Although the current brewery incorporates the remnants of some of the destroyed buildings and timbers which were recovered after the floods, not only buildings but much of the materials telling the brewery’s history were lost.
That we have managed to overcome such hardships and continue brewing to the present day is thanks to the craftsmen who have made the sake, the support of the local people and Hakuko fans, and the determination of our predecessors not to see the sake brewing flame extinguished. We carry that same feeling in our hearts as we move on.

Overall view of the Morikawa Brewery.

盛川酒造 蔵の外観

Morikawa Brewery is in the south of Hiroshima Prefecture at the eastern foot of Mount Noro (839m) in Setonaikai National Park, near the banks of the Norogawa river which flows down from the mountain. We are fortunate to brew in an abundantly beautiful location, with clear waters where the fireflies play.


44 Harahata, Yasuura-Cho, Kure-Shi, Hiroshima 737-2506, JAPAN
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Photographer : Haruhiko KITAI