Hakuko Daiginjo 40 “Sarasouju” Shizuku

Hakuko Daiginjo "Sarasouju" Shizuku

Made 100% with Yamada Nishiki from a “Special A” growing region of Hyogo Prefecture, held to be Japan’s finest. Brewed to the Soft Water Brewing Method traditional to Hiroshima brewers, which is the foundation of ginjō brewing methodology. Distinguished by gorgeous aromatics and a soft, silken texture. This highest-quality daiginjō sake is collected drop by drop by the time-consuming shizuku method in which the fermenting mash is strung up and suspended in cloth bags. Each bottle of the limited edition is numbered.


Breed name of riceYamada Nishiki from a “Special A” growing region of Hyogo Prefecture
Rice Polishing Ratio40%
Alcohol Content17.5%
Sake Meter Value+5
Brewing year2019